Solution Aqueous of Colloidal Silver bottle of 100ml.

General health-improving, antiseptic means with anti-inflammatory effects
for internal and external use.

— advantageous alternative to synthetic antibiotics;
— is not conducive to the formation of resistant strains;
— inactivate more than 650 kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses;
— does not kill the natural microflora (dysbiosis);
— does not cause allergies and side-effects;
— supporting the immune system;
— completely removed from a body.

The “SOLUTION AQUEOUS of COLLOIDAL SILVER” advantageously differs from similar products from other manufacturers in several parameters:
Technology: The means is manufactured using the unique nanotechnology – “Erosion-explosive dispersion”, which excludes the use of any chemical agents, and presence in the product of non associated metallic nanoparticles, thus eliminating the problem of their toxicity and unpredictable action.
Price: Preparation is more than 10 times cheaper than competitors in the specific cost.
Concentration: One vial containing 100ml. of concentrated product (100ppm), replaces a 7-10 similar bottles from other manufacturers.

The active ingredient of the means is a nano-silver citrate.
The “SOLUTION AQUEOUS of COLLOIDAL SILVER” combines the two properties at the same time:
- biocidal against more than 650 types of pathogenic bacteria and viruses,
- biogenic relative to a probiotic (useful) microflora.

100ml. plastic bottle with concentrated product 100ppm,
Plastic cap,

Storage life 36 months at 4°С to 20°С.
Registration nomber: 05.03.02-04/66400 from 16.09.2010.
Means is not a medicament.

To provide advice and purchase, please, contact via:
Tel./ Telegram / WhatsApp:
+38 096 429 29 29,

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