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The means “EVERYsept” and “SOLUTION AQUEOUS of COLLOIDAL SILVER” are produced by means of innovative nanotechnology – “Erosion-explosive dispersion”,” which is based on spark ablation.

The Erosion-explosive nanotechnology for obtaining nanomaterials and its colloidal solutions based on the ablation of surface of the dispersing material under the influence of input into the material energy, by sublimation of matter from the surface and condensation of supersaturated vapor into nanoparticles by rapid cooling in an appropriate environment. At the same energy input into the material carry by means of electric spark discharge.

The “Erosion-explosive dispersion” nanotechnology, is based on the physical phenomenon of self-concentration of energy in local microvolumes of the conductor.
With their own characteristics, a physical phenomenon of self-concentration of energy manifests itself in particular through a series of well-known physical effects, which are in a cause and effect, namely:
– explosive electron emission from local areas of a surface of metallic granules (“ectons” of Academician G.A. Mesyats);
– the shock compression of local volumes of metal in the surface layers of metal granules;
– polymorphic transition (recrystallization) of local volumes of metal in the surface layers of metal granules;
– microexplosions of local volumes of metal in the surface layers of metal granules;
– sublimation of local volumes of metal;
– spark-erosion of surface layers of local sections of metal granules;
– cavitation and sonoluminescence in the entire volume of the dielectric fluid, which contains metal granules.

The degree of dispersion of produced nanoparticles and uniformity of their granulometric distribution depend from the magnitude and rate of injection of energy into the material, and also the rate of cooling of supersaturated vapor of dispersible material. Therefore, as the cooling medium is water. The high rate of cooling of molten nanosized particles in a water creates conditions to commit their liquid-phase structure, which prevents crystallization and allows to save accumulated energy, and not release it in the form of heat. As a result, the fixation and stabilization of the amorphous state of the matter of nanoparticles. This allows to convert to an amorphous state a significant portion of the material of nanoparticles, which increases their energy saturation.

The active agents of the new generation antiseptic “EVERYsept” – are carboxylated nanoparticles of silver and carboxylated nanoparticles of copper.
The “SOLUTION AQUEOUS of COLLOIDAL SILVER” as the active agents contains carboxylated nanoparticles of silver.
In this way this means combines simultaneously two properties:
- biocidal against a broad spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms;
- biogenic relative to probiotic microflora.

The innovative nanotechnology “Erosion-explosive disintegration” and the products obtained by its are protected by patent umbrella of more than 100 patents.

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