Microfertilizer Avatar-2

Avatar-2 is environmentally friendly multi-micronutrients complex, the main purpose of which is to improve the quality of the harvest and plant productivity by improving their nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition and stress resistance.

The use of microfertilizer Avatar-2 for growing basic agricultural crops allows to reduce for 30-40% application rates of phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers in a production environment, which significantly reduces the the cost of ensuring an optimum level of plant nutrition and, accordingly, reduces the selfcost of finished products.

The Microfertilizer Avatar-2 is compatible with most pesticides and seed disinfectants, in the treatment of vegetative plants – is compatible with the CAM (Carbamide-ammonia mixture), LCF (Liquid complex fertilizers), a solution of urea, humic preparations, while it shows synergistic effect and increases their efficiency.

Getting on the wet ground, trace element complex Avatar-2 stimulates the growth and increases the activity of many agro-beneficial soil macro- and microorganisms, including cellulolytic. Therefore this preparation in an amount of 100-200ml/ha in combination with low doses of nitric fertilizers (up to 15kg. nitrogen/ha.) can be used as an effective biodestructor of post-harvest crop residues, which contributes to the safeguarding of humus, and consequently the improvement of soil fertility.

Microfertilizer Avatar-2 in recommended doses
is absolutely harmless for pollinating insects and beneficial soil microorganisms, which allows using it in all phases of plant growth, including during the flowering.

The trace elements complex Avatar-2 is certified
for use in organic farming.

When using microelement complex Avatar-2 for preseeding treatment of seeds, even in the early stages of the growing season, in the first 2-3 weeks after germination in plants generated more powerful and more deeply penetrating root system with increased absorption activity up to 55% and acid secretory activity up to 80%.
Increased excretion of organic acids and phosphatases by root system improves the solubility and therefore availability to plants and soil phosphorus microorganisms of poorly soluble mineral and organic soil phosphates and also phosphate fertilizers, most of which during prolonged contact with the ground is transformed into inaccessible to most crops phosphates . In addition, organic acids root exudates reduces aluminum toxicity of soil.

Necessary for plants micro-and ultra-trace elements that are containing in the microfertilizer Avatar-2 in the form of nanoparticles, chelated by natural organic acids – citric, succinic, malic, tartaric and their mixtures. Such organic chelate complexes are structurally similar to bio-organometallic compounds, that are synthesized in a plant cells.

Obtaining of these organic chelate complexes of biogenic elements is succeeded through the use of innovative nanotechnology of «Erosion-explosive dispersion», which eliminates the contamination of the final product by side, ballast and phyto toxic products of chemical reactions.

At hit on a plant and soil all the biogenic elements of this microfertilizer are remain in form, accessible for living cells.
These biogenic elements activate a number of enzyme systems responsible for the metabolic processes, photosynthesis, respiration, plant adaptation to stressful growing conditions.
The trace elements in the form of organic chelate complexes are most actively participate in redox processes, nucleic acid and protein metabolism, synthesis of vitamins, activate biochemical and physiological processes, catalyze all the reactions of the Krebs and Calvin cycles.
The preparation is also a powerful stress protector – enhances the resistance of plants to drought conditions, snowless frost up to -16°C, soil salinization and many phyto diseases. In plants under stress, preparation activates the adaptive processes and provides greater safety and efficiency of plants in the after stress period.

The effectiveness of the complex in the crop production confirmed by the results of studies of a number of leading scientific research institutions of Ukraine:
Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Uman National University of Horticulture,
Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of nanobiotechnology and resource saving
and other. As well as many years of tests in different soil and climatic conditions of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Slovakia and Turkey. Was found the significant effect of the preparation on the quantitative and qualitative indicators of productivity of major crops.

Presowing seed treatment and not root top dressing during the growing season of plants by the trace element complex, contributes to obtaining the following results:

  • the development of more branched and physiologically active root system, activation in the area of its activity agro-beneficial soil microorganisms, in particular phosphorus mobilizing and nitrogen-fixing bacteria;
  • improve the frost and winter hardiness of winter crops due to the intensification the accumulation of sugars and free proline, lowering the freezing temperature of the plasma of cells, and the deepening of bedding of the tillering node;
  • increase the plant’s ability to withstand to herbicide stress by activating the work of enzymes catalase and polyphenoloxidase;
  • enhance the overall resilience to adverse soil and climatic and anthropogenic factors;
  • rise macronutrients utilization factor of plants (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur) that are in the soil or are brought into it as a fertilizer;
  • improve the quality of crop production (increase a wheat class from the 3rd to the 2nd and 1st, increase the gluten content up to 10.0% protein in the grain on 3,0-9,0%, oil in the grain oilseeds 20-35% sugar content of sugar beet in the 1.0-1.8% increase in the amount of dry matter and biogenic trace elements);
  • increase the energy of germination and germinating ability of seeds of major crops;
  • improve the productivity of photosynthesis, by increasing the assimilation surface and the amount of chlorophyll;
  • increase in the crop yield on 15-60% – depending on the culture, agricultural techniques and cultivation.


1. The uniqueness of the active ingredients.
The microfertilizer Avatar-2 in addition to traditional elements:
Potassium (K),
Manganese (Mn),
Zinc (Zn),
Ferrum (Fe),
Copper (Cu),
Cobalt (Co),
Molybdenum (Mo),
Magnesium (Mg),
Silver (Ag),
Selenium (Se),
Germanium (Ge),
Vanadium (V),
Lanthanum (La),
Cerium (Ce),
Nickel (Ni),
Silicon (Si),
Iodine (I),
Boron (B)

and Titanium (Ti).

These elements perform the trophic functions, ie to compensate the deficit of nutrients and the regulatory functions by activating the plant all biochemical processes. For example, selenium has a protective antioxidant effect, increases the resistance of plants to drought conditions and to low temperatures. Germanium strengthens the immune system of plants, improving resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases. Lanthanum and nickel activates nitrogen metabolism, facilitate the prolongation of the nitrification process. Vanadium and titanium facilitate the intensification of the processes of biological nitrogen fixation by symbiotic microorganisms.
In addition to these trace elements to increase the antioxidant and stress-protective properties of the microfertilizer Avatar-2 in its composition added arabinogalactan and salicylic acid.

2. Natural chelating agents.
The metalls, contained in the microfertilizer Avatar-2 chelated exclusively by natural organic acids (citric, succinic, tartaric, malic), which have the following advantages in comparison with synthetic chelating agents:
1) used acids are natural components of the metabolic processes in the plants involved in reactions of the Krebs and Calvin cycles;
2) the results of field trials of microfertilizers of “Avatar” series, showed a higher efficiency than microfertilizers obtained on the basis EDTA, OEDF;
3) absence of toxicity to plants, soil microorganisms and pollinating insects;
4) natural organic acids are used by plants as a source of energy and have a growth stimulating effect;
5) Organic chelate complexes of biogenic elements are better absorbed by plants as easily surmount the cuticle of leaves.

3. High bioavailability and efficacy.
Due to the lower molecular weight, organic chelate complexes of biogenic elements easily surmount protective lipid membrane of leaves and much faster than the chelates derived from synthetic chelating agents (having significantly higher molecular weight EDTA, etc.) penetrate into plant cells.

4. Increasing the rate of assimilation of NPK from fertilizers and soil.
When using organic chelate complexes found a significant increase in the coefficient of assimilation by plants of nitric and phosphoric fertilizers, and soil nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. During different metabolic processes in plants, organic acids are synthesized, some of which are released by the root system. Acid root secretions increase solubility and therefore, availability for plants and soil microorganisms, primarily phosphorus from sparingly soluble soil phosphates. This helps to improve phosphorus nutrition of plants and activation of biological nitrogen fixation processes in the root zone.

Microfertilizer Avatar-2 enhances the acid secretory and acidification activity (uptake of monovalent cations from the soil solution with the release of hydrogen ions in return) of the root system of plants, and significant improvement of its morphological parameters. This contributes to improving mineral nutrition of plants, increased solubility of soil minerals and, therefore availability to plants macro and micronutrient from soil and fertilizers.

Microfertilizer Avatar-2 Sunflowers


Сrop Seed pre-treatment, ml/ton. Foliar feeding
The phase of crop development for entering preparations ml/ha. Number of treatments
Cereals 200-400 Tillering, booting – flag leaf earing phase – beginning of flowering, ripening 100-250 2-3
Rape 250 4-6 leaves, vegetation restoration, bud formation, ripening 100-250 2-4
Soya 100-250 2-3 ternate leaf, bud formation and early ripening beans 100-250 2-3
Corn 150-250 3-7, 9-11 leaves, panicle ejection 100-200 2-3
Sunflower 200-300 4-5 pair of true leaves, after 14 days 100-200 2-3
Sugar beet 500 Plant Closure in a row, aisle, after 14 days and a month before harvesting 100-250 3-5
Vegetable crops 1-2 ml/kg. 3-4 leafs, 10-14 days after the last treatment 50-200 2-6
Grapes, fruit trees Spring, together with phytosanitary treatments on completion of flowering, 2 weeks after previous treatment 100-200 3-6

Microfertilizer Avatar-2 winter_wheat
Microfertilizer Avatar-2 winter_wheat_ready

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