The company was founded in 2007, specializes in the development, production and application of nanomaterials and technologies for its production.

The company is the clear leader in Ukraine to develop and manufacture products using nanotechnology, which is confirmed by the presence of the following assets:
- The existing industrial production of nanomaterials and the range of products based on them;
-13 Regulatory documents with all the necessary permissions for the production and use of these products;
– More than 300 patents in the field of nanotechnology, nanomaterials, nanoproducts;
– Research material in 4 books and 50 articles;
– Recognition and working closely with leading organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Medical Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the National Agrarian Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, universities, etc.

The main areas of research and production activities are: pharmaceutical, veterinary and human medicine, food, cosmetics, animal husbandry, crop production.
Industrial production forces of company located on the premises of one of the most advanced in the CIS countries, the pharmaceutical company.

Currently, the company developed technology for obtain nano aquahelates of various nutrients and biocide metals, including lanthanides.
A special place among them belongs to silver and copper, which are the basis of means “EVERYsept” and “SOLUTION AQUEOUS of COLLOIDAL SILVER”.

KAPLUNENKO Vladimir Georgievich
POLYAKOV Dmitry Vasil’evich

Channels of communication:
Tel / Telegram:
+38 063 766 15 40,
Tel / WhatsApp: +38 096 429 29 29,

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