EVERYsept Smart Durable Antiseptic

- Does not kill the natural microflora of the organism;
– Acts without side effects and not cause allergies;
– Has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial action;
– Takes lasting antimicrobial activity;
– Contains only natural ingredients.

EVERYsept – is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent
Bactericidal property: effective relatively to gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (including mycobacterium tuberculosis);
Virucidal property: effective relatively to broad-spectrum of viruses (including agents of hepatitis, poliomyelitis, influenza, etc.);
Fungicidal & sporecidal property: active relatively to pathogens Candida, dermatophytes, etc.;
Disinvasion property: is an effective means to inactivate pathogens of parasitic diseases (helminth eggs and larvae, geo-helminth, cysts and oocysts of intestinal protozoa).

EVERYsept has a prolonged effect
Keeps antimicrobial activity on the treated surface up to 6 months thereby greatly superior to all known antiseptics.

EVERYsept contains only natural ingredients and is not conducive to the formation of resistant strains
Since the active ingredients of the means are aqueous solutions of nano-silver citrate and nano-copper citrate, pathogenic microorganisms can not develop resistance to it.
Silver and copper – are metals-synergists. Their joint antimicrobial activity is much stronger than each of the metals separately.

EVERYsept does not contain free (not bound) metal nanoparticles
This eliminates the problem of toxicity and volatility of the past, especially in the case of aerosol disinfection, when the nanoparticles can hit by the shortest route into the internal organs of humans and animals.


Means EVERYsept is very broad in scope – from the centers of infection, health care facilities, laboratories, blood transfusion points, pre-school and educational institutions, military units, all types of transport – to hotels, hostels, sauna, solarium, swimming pools, toilets, ventilation systems and air-conditioning in the home.


EVERYsept.com Durable action multipurpose antiseptic. Originally developed and manufactured in Ukraine.
Irrigation and cleansing of the mouth brushing, irrigating the sinuses…

EVERYsept.com Durable action multipurpose antiseptic for human environment
Irrigation of the skin of hands and face. Irrigation of the skin after shaving to prevent inflammation. Hygiene treatment of intimate areas.

EVERYsept.com Durable action multipurpose antiseptic for human environment
Method of dilution with boiled (cooled) water for instillation in the eye and treatment of sensitive areas of the skin, mucous membranes and wounds.

Disinfection of the car interior (irrigation and/or wiping), treatment of carpets etc., childrens pots, toilets, etc. to prevent the reproduction of microbes on their surfaces.


In the Sumerian city Lagash in 2400 BC, lived governor named Entemena. By his order was made the vase, the upper part of which was of silver, and the bottom – made of copper. If to store water in the vase it turned into a healing and rejuvenating elixir. When added to water lemon juice, the healing power of elixir is increased. The vase of the Entemena survives to this day.

Ваза Энтемены, Лувр.
Vase of the Entemena from Lagash: the body made of silver, the bottom – of copper.
Sumer. 2400 BC. Louvre.

It is known, if to pour plain water into the tank, which contains silver and copper in the galvanic contact, then the metal ions will start to segrerate in it. This phenomenon is called electrocorrosion. Exactly such process has place in found by archaeologists the silver vase with a copper bottom when it filling with water. Electrocorrosion strengthened if, instead of water to pour vinegar into the tank or natural fruit juice containing food acid such as citric or ascorbic.

Abstracts of initially transferred to an inscription in the sense that the vase Entemeny intended “to store fat lighter”. This is surprising the experts, since the vase was not observed any signs of its former presence of fat. However, it turned out, the icon that indicates the term “fat” has another meaning – “medicine”. Similarly, the icon “light” can mean “transparent”. Thus, it becomes clear that the “transparent medicine” – a “water infusion.” The Sumerians attached great importance to water treatment infusions. The word “doctor” – Sumerian origin and literally means «knowing the water».

Except to the famous vase of Entemena, other vessels made from a combination of different metals are found. For example, copper jugs with silver spouts. All these findings indicate that people of ancient civilizations knew antimicrobial properties of silver and copper, creating instruments capable of generating ions in water of different metals to obtain drugs.

Mention of the healing properties of copper and silver can be found in the writings of Hippocrates, Galen, and Avicenna. The question arises: if these properties are so wonderful, why copper and silver as limited use of modern medicine? There are several reasons. The essence of one of them is that the most convenient way to prepare metal solutions – it’s salt: copper sulphate and silver nitrate. But their use can cause intoxication inside. Such drugs are usually prescribed in a strictly dosed quantities and may not be widely used by the public.


EVERYsept is safe for humans and animals
The resulting of innovative physical approach – “Erosion-explosive dispersion”, obtained from silver and copper of high purity, it does not contain even traces of chemicals.
Active agents of the means EVERYsept – an new generation antiseptic – are nano-silver citrate and nano-copper citrate.
The innovative nanotechnology “Erosion-explosive dispersion” and the products obtained by its, are protected by patent umbrella of more than 100 patents.

Bottle of medical grade plastic 55ml.,

Shelf life 36 months at 4°C to 20°C.
Registration number: 05.03.02-04/19774 from 26/03/2010.
The preparation is not a drug.

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